Ever wondered HOW DO THEY DO THAT?

I am SEEKING TRAINEES for HAND and ELECTRICAL firing of firework displays in the PA,
MD and VA areas.

Professional (DISPLAY) fireworks are heavily REGULATED by local, state, and federal
authorities.  ALL trainees will be subject to a background check by the Bureau of Alcohol,
Firearms, Tobacco, & Explosives.  UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS and FELONS will be subject
to REJECTION, and DRUG and ALCOHOL use, even suspected use, will not be tolerated.

This is NOT regular, steady employment.  These are INTERMITTENT and OCCASIONAL
events.  This work is OUTSIDE and may involve very cold, hot, humid or wet conditions,
LIFTING up to 40 POUNDS, and HAMMERING and removing nails.  It will also involve loading
and firing EXPLOSIVE materials.  Including travel time, the hours may be up to or exceeding 14
HOURS per event.

After VOLUNTEERING for 3 or 4 SUCCESSFUL events, trainees will be CONSIDERED for
crew membership and participation in REVENUE SHARING with pay generally ranging from $85
to $165 per event depending on the cost of the event and the number of paid shooters.

If you are really INTERESTED or have questions, please contact:

Graylin W. Presbury
Certified PGI Display Operator Class Trainer,
BATFE Permitted, and PGI, Virginia & Maryland State Certified Display Operator
Home: 202-678-0291, Mobile: 202-549-7730

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Partial setup, 5 inch mortars ready for shells.
Taping down the fuses of the loaded shells.
Partial setup, racks of 5 inch mortars are
secured together and stable.  Now we
are ready for shell loading.
Here the shells have been
loaded and I am taping
down the fuses.
All setup and waiting for the
darkness to come!
My core crew at our Annual
Appreciation Dinner 2012:
(L to R) Phillip, Ron, Me,
Bunnie, & Moises.
Tying the finale chains together.
Cory loading shells.
These racks are in a square
or four-sided pod formation.
Fountains at the Allen Wedding.
Main or body set-up in
sawtooth formation.
Foreground - 26 Rack Finale,
Background - 4 Rack Opener; Both
set in parallel formation.  
Video - Racks of 3
inch shells launching
from the last part of
a small finale on a
pier, the roaring
crowd, and me
tripping in the dark
while talking to
Me at a factory warehouse in Liuyang China,
November 2015.  I was surprised to see our
2016 product in this factory warehouse for later
shipment, consolidation, and export to the USA.

An aspiration held for at least the last ten years
finally comes true and I am hired by Capital Works, Inc. as
the licensed lead for the 2017 DC Emancipation Day
Celebration fireworks display.

It is a 1.4G consumer fireworks display and a lot of it,
hand fired by me and Pete of Garden State Fireworks in
the middle of the 1200 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.  
We're in the next block from Freedom Plaza and that's the
Trump Hotel on the right.